West Georgia Beekeepers Association
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Monthly Meeting MAY 22 

There will be a round table discussion panel, Q & A session this month. Certified and experienced beekeepers near and dear to your heart will answer your questions and make suggestions. We will also entertain and welcome your input. Damon Stitcher will moderate the discussion. Please don't throw sharp objects at the panel.

Monthly meetings are open to the public and are held at 7 pm on the 4 th Monday of the month. Mentoring session begins at 6:30 PM.

LOCATION: American Legion Post 145

6449 W. Veterans Memorial Highway

Douglasville, GA 30134

Mentoring Session

Coming soon

Now is the Time

With this crazy weather - spring in tbe winter and winter in the spring - it's hard to tell what's going on with the bees. We had a nectar flow and then after the cold spell, we had a dearth. Robbing was going on in my apiary for a short period of time. Crazy huh! Had to close the robbing screens down to one small opening.

Now is still the time to do hive inspections, add supers and check for swarm cells. A quick and easy method is to rotate the super back and stand it on its end on top of the box below. This way its easy to see the bottom of the frames and any queen cells that may be there. If they're getting ready to swarm, the queen cells will most likely be there. 

Splitting your hive is an excellent method of preventing swarms

If you have a new package or nuc install, now is the time to feed them 1 : 1 sugar water so they can make wax and draw comb. Think in terms of gallons when feeding - they will consume a large quantity. It takes somewhere around 8 to 9 pounds of sugar to make one pound of beeswax.

If you need help, call your mentor - if you don't have a mentor - click here - Mentoring 

Mission statement 

The mission of the West Georgia Beekeepers Association is to inform and support community beekeepers to assure healthy and productive hives.

Master Beekeeper Program

Alabama Master Beekeeper Program

Certified Master Beekeepers:     Marilynn Parker, Jerry Miller     2014

Certified Journeyman Beekeepers:    Jan Sprayberry   2016,  John McDaniel, Dan Scales   2017

Certified Apprentice Beekeepers:   Betty Cosgrove, Earl Cosgrove 2016

                                                           Mark Dean, Crescent Beckwith, Lynda Shaw, Broderick Peters,                                                            Alex Szecsey    2017

Georgia Master Beekeeping Program:

Certified Beekeeper:  John Foran  2016