West Georgia Beekeepers Association
Douglasville, Georgia

March Meeting

3/23/2020 (cancelled due to virus)

Speaker: Mary Cahill Roberts

WGBA meets on the 4th Monday @ American Legion Post 145 - Douglasville

Mentoring @ 6:30 ::: Meeting @ 7:00

2019 Honey Bee Short Course

Pesticide Kills

How to Report Pesticide Kills

  • In order to get the legislation's attention, bee kills must be reported. If you find your bees dead in a huge pile in front of your hive, you have a bee kill. You can and should report your bee kills to both state and national agencies.In Georgia, bee kills should be reported to the Georgia Department of Agriculture: Nancy Hall 404-656-7371. Her email is nancy.hall@agr.georgia.gov.
  • On a federal level, report to the EPA by emailing beekill@epa.gov. If you want to learn more about reporting bee kills, check out the Honey Bee Health Coalition Quick Guide to Reporting a Bee Kill Incident.The Pollinator Stewardship Council can be of great help in reporting bee kill incidences.

Mission statement 

The mission of the West Georgia Beekeepers Association is to inform and support community beekeepers to assure healthy and productive hives.

Master Beekeeper Program

Alabama Master Beekeeper Program

Certified Master Beekeepers:             Marilynn Parker, Jerry Miller  (2014)

                                 Dan Scales  (2018)

                                 John McDaniel (2019)

Broderick Peters (2020)

Certified Journeyman Beekeepers:    Jan Sprayberry   (2016)

                                                              John McDaniel   (2017)

                                                              Mark Dean   (2018)

                                 Alex Szecsey (2019)

                                                              Broderick Peters (2019)

Ronnie Brannon (2020)

Certified Apprentice Beekeepers:      Betty Cosgrove, Earl Cosgrove   (2016)

                                                              Cresent Beckwith, Broderick Peters

                                                              Lynda Shaw, Alex Szecsey (2017)

                                                              Doug Hutwagner (2018)

                                                        Ronnie Brannon (2019)

Georgia Master Beekeeper Program

Certified Master Beekeepers:             Mary Cahill Roberts (2013)

Certified Beekeeper:                           John Foran  (2016)

Licensed Welsh Honey Judge

 Sr. Honey Judge:   Mary Cahill Roberts (2017)

                                 Marilynn Parker (2019)

Honey Judge:          Taffee Oakes (2019)

 Steward:                  Betty Cosgrove (2019)