Swarms are the natural way honey bees create new colonies. The old queen leaves the original hive location with around 60% of the bees in the hive. Before leaving, the worker bees create queen cells so the bees left in the original hive can raise a new queen for the hive to ensure the continuation of the colony.

Honey bee swarms generally are not aggressive and not dangerous as long as you do not attack them. They have gorged on honey and simply want to find a new home and begin to build a nest. They do not have anything to protect except the queen who is in the middle of the swarm ball or cluster. Scout bees are flying out from the cluster to search for a new home. 

Help us to protect these valuable honey bees - without them we would not have about 30% of the foods we enjoy every day. 

If you need a swarm removed, reach out to one of the beekeepers in the list below.

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