Honey Shows

Honey Show 2017


2nd - Marilynn Parker (Light) :: 2nd - Greg Payne (Amber) :: 3rd - Mark Dean (Amber) :: 1st - Marilynn Parker (Dark)

Jelly - Charles Beavers, 1st :: Crafts - Charles Beavers, 1st :: Gadgets - Mark Dean, 1st :: Art - Kadence Hall, 1st :: Commercial - Dan Scales, 2nd :: Novice - Dan Scales, 1st :: Beeswax Block - Charles Beavers, 3rd :: Cosmetics - Crescent Beckwith, 1st :: Photo - Charles Beavers, 1st.

Black Jar - Marilynn Parker

BEST IN SHOW - Charles Beavers for his Photo.

2017 Pics

Honey Show 2016

Our 2016 Honey Show was a BLAST!!!

We had lots of great entries. Here are the results:

Gadgets -1st place Damon Sticher for the Bottler; 3rd Place Charles Beavers for the Feeder

Crafts - 1st Place Connie Christenson for the Floor Cloth; 2nd Place Debbie Tamplin for the Bee Gamer; 5th Place Gloria Hamby for the Bee Hive sculpture; 6th Jan Sprayberry for the painted nuc

Photo - 2nd Place Lynda Shaw Light Honey - 3rd Place Marilynn Parker; NP Teresa KingAmber

Honey - 1st Place Marilynn Parker; NP Connie ChristensonDark Honey - 4th Earl Cosgrove; 6th Sheldon Tyndall

Black Jar - Lynda ShawBest in Show - Marilynn Parker for her Amber Honey

2015 Pics